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Who Am I Now? | Upcoming Group Therapy

Identity exploration

Group will be held Fridays starting

April 12, 2024 - May 31, 2024 4-5:15 PM

An 8-week guided group to give adults who are questioning any part of their identity a safe space to explore and embody their authentic selves. 

So many of my clients, friends, and community members are right now finding themselves at a turning point in their identities without much idea of how to move forward. Whether they are questioning their gender, sexuality, religion, or life direction, many of them have found themselves going through the uncomfortable and often shame-inducing process of questioning and (hopefully) embodying their authentic selves alone. 

My goal for this group is to bring this questioning process out of the shadows and into the light where it can be held by a community of people who get it. Humans are not meant to go through life alone, and there is nothing quite like an intentional group to remind us how truly not-alone we are. 

All of our experiences and emotions and those of our ancestors live in our bodies, and our bodies will tell us what we need to know if we develop a practice of listening and following. As a trauma-informed Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and experienced group therapist, I am highly skilled at holding the kind of brave space needed to safely connect with your embodied truth and start to share it with others. 

Throughout this group, group members will use creative and somatic (body-based/body-focused) processes to:

  • Connect with who they were

  • Release the shame and grief needed to move forward

  • Set the boundaries needed to live authentically 

  • Build outside  systems of support 

  • Practice taking up space as the truest versions of themselves

All while being held and witnessed by a sacred container. 

I am so excited to hold this space, and I hope you’ll join me if it calls to you. 

Group FAQ:

What does somatic mean?

Somatic means relating to the body. Some examples of somatic therapeutic practices that I will invite members into are intuitive movement, mindful breathing, grounding practices, and mirroring (trying the movement of you witness). 

How does this type of group work virtually?

As long as members can hear me guide the group, there is no need to be fully seen by the camera. For some, the ability to move and participate from home may provide them with even more comfort with exploration than they would experience in person. Practices such as mirroring and group movement can easily be done virtually, and the connection built virtually can be just as powerful as long as each member is engaged and fully present in the group process. 

How does this experience differ from individual therapy?

Ancestrally, humans have always lived, moved, and experienced life in groups. Processing and exploring ourselves in a group context gives each person the unique opportunity to both be witnessed and reflected as they are as well as to lean on others for wisdom and support. During the integration week, members will have an opportunity to meet with me 1:1 to receive extra support integrating the group practices. 

Why are no refunds allowed?

As a sacred closed group experience, the transformational power of this space requires the full commitment of each person. I will meet with each potential candidate 1:1 beforehand in order to give any of you a free space to ask any questions and make sure this is a good fit for them before committing. 


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