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Family Therapist

Online family therapy

Family therapy with Grace Harman focuses on improving the emotional bond between parents and children and strengthening family relationships. This form of therapy recognizes the importance of secure attachments in a child’s development and overall family dynamics. It aims to address issues that disrupt these attachments, such as communication breakdowns, behavioral problems, or past traumas.

Who Can Benefit from Family Therapy?
This therapy is beneficial for families looking to enhance their relationships and is particularly effective for those experiencing attachment issues. It can help families with children of any age, from early childhood through adolescence, and is especially useful in parenting challenges, reconnecting after past traumas, and family conflicts. Family therapy can really help navigate your relationship with your child after a divorce. 

Common Focus Areas in Family Therapy
Families seeking this therapy often work on issues like:

  • Improving Communication: Developing better ways for family members to express and understand each other’s emotions and needs. When you are close to an issue or conflict, it is hard to take a step back and look through an objective lens or see what underlying things are causing disruption in your familial relationships.

  • Resolving Conflicts: Addressing and resolving conflicts that affect family dynamics and attachments.

  • Rebuilding Trust: Repairing and strengthening trust within the family, especially following conflicts or past traumas.

  • Enhancing Emotional Connections: Fostering deeper emotional connections and understanding between parents and children.

  • Parenting-Child Support: Providing parents with guidance and support in nurturing their children effectively.


How Therapy Can Help

  • Strengthening Attachments: Focusing on building secure and healthy attachments between parents and children.

  • Family Dynamics Exploration: Examining and improving the overall dynamics and interactions within the family.

  • Emotional Support and Validation: Offering support and validation to each family member, recognizing individual feelings and experiences.

  • Conflict Resolution Skills: Developing skills to resolve conflicts in a way that strengthens family bonds.

  • Encouraging Empathy and Understanding: Fostering empathy and deeper understanding among family members.

  • Building a Supportive Family Environment: Creating an environment where each family member feels supported and valued.


Taking the First Step Towards Online Family Therapy
Engaging in family therapy is a proactive step towards nurturing and strengthening family bonds. This type of therapy provides a safe space for families to explore their relationships, address challenges and roadblocks, and grow together. It emphasizes the importance of secure attachments and emotional connections as the foundation of a healthy family dynamic.

Seeking family therapy is an act of commitment to your family’s well-being and harmony. It’s an opportunity to enhance understanding, communication, and connection within the family unit. Therapy can be a transformative journey, leading to stronger, more resilient family relationships.

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